Seeds – The Challenges of Tomorrow

Where are we headed? What can we build on today?


Tilman Sobek // Mountain Bike Tourism Forum Germany

How do we get involved in the big environmental issues of the day? Biking is booming, but if we don't clearly show how to protect natural areas and develop a more conscious approach, we're in for a problem.“

„We can't think of mountain biking as just a recreational sport; right now, we need to embed any development within a larger context.


Norman Bielig // Mountain Bike Tourism Forum Germany

When our sport was born 40 years ago, it was just a handful of two-wheeled enthusiasts who escaped everyday life with their mountain bikes and made pilgrimages into the woods. Since then, mountain biking has earned a place in wider society. It is a popular sport with participation exceeding that of amateur football. Nature, as a resource, is becoming more and more important, but the transformation of the woods must take place conscientiously. Biking is booming, but our image is still too negative. Even though mountain biking brings so many solutions to the problems of our time. So how can we root our seeds responsibly?

  • What role can mountain biking play socially in the future?
  • How can we integrate mountain biking into the major developments and challenges of our time?
  • What are the interdependencies with major development trends?
  • What solutions can we bring to the major environmental issues of our times?


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