Digital visitor guidance

Sustainable Mountainbike-Tourism through Data Management

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Vincent Beckmann // Outdooractive

„A digitized trail network and an up-to-date information base for guests provides the foundation for any needs-based visitor management."

Vincent reports on how data management can contribute to sustainable mountain bike tourism. The software-controlled system from outdooractive automatically avoids closed trails, crowded places or protected areas when planning tours and guiding mountainbikers. Short-term closures, detour and danger warnings are set up digitally in the central data management system by the responsible trail manager or organization. This information is automatically distributed to guests through all front-end channels, which provides seamless visitor guidance right on the trail. In addition, Vincent talks to us about ...
  • How to specifically guide guests to high-quality places in destinations.
  • How bikers can be directed to trails that meet their needs.
  • What influence online platforms can have on overtourism.

About Vincent Beckmann

In 2019, Vincent joined the sales team of outdooractive, the world's leading platform for outdoor activities. He has turned his passion for cycling into a career and is an outdoor guy through and through: Vincent has been on his bike since childhood and competes as an MTB professional. When there is too much snow to ride the bike in his chosen hometown of Oberstdorf, the highest community in Germany, he likes to switch to his snowboard.