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Mark McClure

Mark McClure // Trail Tools

„More people on mountainbikes need more trails. We need to provide opportunities close to their whereabouts. More people on bikes also attract the attention of other groups, such as forest managers, municipalities and policy makers. We need to engage them even more to implement successful trail projects and to demonstrate the benefits to society as a whole.

From a teenager with a shovel to a professional trailbuilder active around the world, Mark talks about the origins of trailbuilding in Europe, the evolution of mountain biking, and the key factors in trailbuilding to create long-lasting trails that benefit bikers, the community, and everyone involved. Mark tells us ...

  • How MTB infrastructure has evolved over the past two decades.
  • How bikers' demands on trails have changed over that time.
  • What requirements the trails of the future will have to meet.

About Mark McClure

Mark is a master of trail building - mountainbiking has inspired him since his early teens. Since 2010, he has been traveling around the world, designing and realizing countless trails and bike parks in more than 25 countries. To pass on the experience he gained, Mark has taken on an advisory role for KMU as part of the DIRTT program and is now leading the creation of the first professional training for MTB trailbuilders in Europe. As well as his knowledge he shares his passion: In order to give kids the opportunity to participate in mountainbiking, in 2007 he founded Try-Cycles, a non-profit social enterprise which enabled over 400 students a year to take part in a mountain bike program with the "Rock and Road" courses, which Mark taught himself as a fully qualified mountain bike instructor. He was also chairman of the International Mountain Bicycling Association for the UK.