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The concept of the For-You-Card in Finale Ligure

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Enrico Guala // Finale Outdoor Region

„During the late eighties I discovered Finale Ligure with its 32,000 year old trail network on my GT Backwoods and this place stole my heart. Now, 40 years later, I'm happy to call this place home and to be part of this incredible destination. From early bikes to modern e-bikes, there is one element that is the essence of mountain biking: the trail. Maintaining and promoting these trails in Finale, Pietra and the surrounding communities is our daily mission.

Enrico talks about the For-You-Card, with which mountain bikers collect points with every purchase at partner businesses in the region and thus, together with local businesses, contribute to the preservation of the trail network and the protection of the area, because trails are the reason why mountain bikers choose a destination. Thus, the For-You-Card is the answer to the specific needs of the mountain bike region of Finale Ligure. Enrico tells us ...
  • How the entire system is organized.
  • Where the idea for the For-You-Card started.
  • How it was possible to attract local companies to the project.

About Enrico Guala

Born in the summer of 69 - Enrico started his early career as a bike trial rider and discovered mountain biking in the eighties. As a bike mechanic and "sales guy" he worked in the local bike store, opened his own store in 1991, moved to a distribution company in Finale and worked for various companies until he met his business partner Andrea with whom he founded 4Guimp, a trail building, consulting, sales and events company, co-founder of Superenduro (2008) and the Enduro World Series (2012). Now based in Finale Ligure, Enrico is the marketing director of the Finale Outdoor Region Consortium.