MTB Highlight – Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide

A kingdom for mountain bikers.

Marc Schlüssel

Marc Schlüssel // Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide

"We have gained a position that puts the ambitions of Lenzerheide within reach while simultaneously challenging them to progress. Because whoever promises Bike Kingdom, must also deliver Bike Kingdom! We want to inspire the community and at the same time raise their expectations. The product as a total experience - that is both our promise and our marketing strategy. That is why we invest holistically, guest-centered and sustainably in the mountain biking experience: from the design of the trails, to the offers, to the app. "

Marc tells the story of Bike Kingdom and the background that led to the creation of a kingdom for bikers. About the innovation of product and customer experience and the link with online and offline experiences. With the Bike Kingdom app, a unique symbiosis between the real and digital world was created.

  • What makes the app attractive for users and the tourism destination?
  • How does the app create added value for an entire destination?
  • What integration possibilities exist for partners?
  • How does the Bike Kingdom story continue?

About Marc Schlüssel

The outdoor and especially bike enthusiast from Lucerne is CMO and vice director of the vacation region Lenzerheide and flag bearer of the Bike Kingdom. After many years in the bike industry as a product manager, marketing manager or even in the tourism industry, he moved to Graubünden, the mountain bike canton of Switzerland. Before he started to establish Lenzerheide as a kingdom for bikers three years ago, he built up the booking and information platform "" in Davos for mountain bikers together with mountain bike pioneer Thomas Giger.

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