Established Findings on the Theme of Mountain Bike Tourism

19. January 2021
In order to develop sustainable and high-quality mountain bike offers, expert knowledge needs to be made applicable in real-world scenarios. The Mountain Bike Tourism Forum has set itself the goal of promoting the professionalisation of the industry through its own research and the development of guidelines and working aids. In cooperation with various universities, we also supervise research and dissertation work on topics in the area of conflict between active tourism, nature and environmental protection.

The Mountainbike-Monitor is the most comprehensive study on German mountain biking and mountain bike tourism. The study models geographical distributions of mountain bike tourists in Germany for the first time. Over 12,000 interviews allow detailed segmentation of consumers.

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In our Paper "Wie Boden, Flora und Fauna auf Mountainbiker reagieren – ein Überblick zum Stand der Forschung" (How Soil, Flora and Fauna React to Mountain Bikers - An Overview of the State of Research; currently only available in German) existing international studies on the effects of mountain biking on soil, flora and fauna are briefly presented, evaluated and compared with findings on other nature activities.

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MTF (2018) Abbildung Kongressbeitrag AMK 2018_Karte

Our contribution to the 6th Congress for Outdoor and Adventure: Outdoor, Man, Nature on the topic of Awareness and Responsibility for Careful Use of the Natural, Leisure and Recreational Space in Germany, (currently only available in German) deals with the pressure of use on the natural and recreational space in Germany.

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