Mountain Bike Congress

"ROOTS" – exploring the trail ahead

22. March 2021
The sixth Mountain Bike Tourism Congress will focus on the roots of mountain biking as both its history and a foundation for a brighter future. Join us for the first time as an online conference from the 4th to the 6th of May 2021.
22. March 2021
Networking, knowledge and inspiration are the basis for the Mountain Bike Tourism Congress 2021. International bike insiders will provide inspiration and impetus for the professional development of MTB offers. The MTB Matching Module ensures active networking and professional, international exchange by providing translations into English and other European languages.

2021 Program

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4th – 6th May 2021 · Online

Tuesday, 4th May

Starting on Tuesday we'll escape our daily routines and dive into the cosmos of bike tourism. The MTB Tourism Orientation delivers three hours of concentrated insider and expert knowledge about bike tourism. Afterwards we will host an open exchange together with Sebastian Thiele on the Stoneman Talk and with Jasper Jauch via YouTube livestream.

Mountain Bike Tourism Orientation


The Most Important Facts About Bike Tourism

In three hours (including a networking break) we will present the fundamentals and success factors of mountain bike tourism. The MTB Tourism Orientation will summarize the core findings from seven years of research and exchange at the annual German Mountain Bike Tourism Congress. From market potential, to service quality, to target group specific offers, the orientation gives you an intensive yet brief overview on the current state of mountain bike tourism. But don't worry about any information overload, afterwards all key facts and figures will be published online in our participant handout.

15:00 – 16:15 MTB-Tourism Orientation: Growth, Identity, Segments & Trends
Tilman Sobek, Stephan Grapentin, Tim Staudte · MTF
16:15 –
Interactive Exchange
16:30 – 18:00 MTB-Tourism Orientation: Success factors, Enviromental Impact & Marketing
Anne Heidemüller, Johanna Weinreiter, Nico Graaff · MTF
18:00 MTB-Matchmaking
Interactive Exchange


18:30 – 19:30 Stoneman Live – Talk with the Stoneman Crew
german only
Sebastian Thiele & Stoneman Crew
20:00 –
Trail-Talk with the Scene german only
Jasper Jauch

Wednesday,5th May

Starting with the roots of biking in the USA, bike legend Hans Rey takes us through the history of biking... which naturally leads to the question - where is it headed in the future? Over the next two days we will gain valuable insights from speakers who helped shape mountain biking as we know it today.


08:30 Arrival and getting inspired
09:00 Welcome!
Tech Briefing on the MTB Matchmaking Modul, Language Selection and Chat Function.
09:15 ROOTS – The History of Mountain Biking
A short introduction to the history of mountain biking. Told by mountain bike legend
Hans Rey · No Way
09:50 Break
10:00 Seeds – The Challenges of Tomorrow
Where are we headed? What can we build on today?
Tilman Sobek & Norman Bielig · MTF
10:20 Blue Derby Tasmania – The MTB Factor, Regional and Social Potential
Glen Jacobs · World Trail
11:00 Q&A Glen Jacobs
11:15 MTB Matchmaking
Interactive Exchange
11:30 Insights of the Mountain Bike Monitor
Stephan Grapentin · MTF
11:50 Location factor OZ Trails – an inclusive bike network for Arkansas, USA
Gary Vernon · Walton Foundation
12:05 Podium: Shaping the Future
International mountain bike destinations present their path to success.
12:50 MTB Matchmaking
Interactive Exchange


14:00 –
STONEMAN - the proven concept of an epic outdoor adventure
Sebastian Thiele · Stoneman International
14:00 – 14:45 Schneestern – The path to successful MTB infrastructure sponsored session
Alexander Arpaci · Schneestern

And now on to new roots!

Let's use the time between the presentations to go out and experience adventures. In keeping with the motto "ROOTS - exploring the trails ahead", with every kilometer you ride we will pay one euro into the donation pot for the Bergwaldprojekt and Hans Rey´s Wheels4Life-Project.

So grab your mountain bike, road bike, gravel bike or running shoes and donate wheels and trees! How you can participate?

  • Follow the MTB Tourismusforum komoot-Profile if you already use komoot
  • Explore your local trails and share the tracking on komoot
  • Tag the 'MTB Tourism Forum'
  • Add a few photos to your tour & share your experiences

The promotion starts on the first day of the Mountain Bike Congress (Tuesday 04 May) and runs up to and including Friday (07 May).
After that, all collectively collected kilometers will be exchanged for trees and bikes! #newROOTS


20:00 The Story of Hans Rey Hans Rey · No Way
21:15 Q&A Hans Rey

Glen Jacobs

About the distant trails in the Blue Tier Mountains

Glen Jacobs takes us on a journey to Tasmania

Gunnar Fehlau

On the outstanding appeal of gravel

Definition and potential of gravel biking

Chris Ball

About the spirit of Enduro

Insights into the EWS

Hans Rey

The MTB-legend's talk on the beginning of our sport

The history of MTB

Marc Schlüssel

On the magic of the Bike Kingdom and it's digital estates

Gary Vernon

About the Oz-Trails in Arkansas

How a trail network can facilitate an entire region

Olve Norderhaug

About Trysil, the most family-friendly MTB arena in Europe

Martin Vincenz

About Graubünden´s MTB-strategy

Home of Trails

Stephan Grapentin

About the Mountain Bike Monitor

the most comprehensive study on the mountain bike guest, his needs and wishes, in 2021 for the first time across Europe.

Graeme McLean

About Scotland´s MTB-strategy

Kevin Vermaak

The founder of the Cape Epic about the toughest MTB race in the world

Jasper Jauch

Invites you to a conversation about the scene

Thursday, 6th May


09:00 Opening of Day 2
09:05 Welcome! Tech Briefing und Introduction to the 2nd Day of the Congress
09:15 What is Gravel?
The wheel that's causing a frenzy.
Gunnar Fehlau · Pressedienst Fahrrad
09:30 Highlights
Three 20 minute rounds of best practices in the mountain bike world
10:40 MTB Matchmaking Interactive Exchange
11:00 The Spirit of Enduro Chris Ball · Enduro World Series
11:30 Urban Biking - Freiburgs Bike Communtiy
How the Freiburg Mountain Biking Club created a MTB Mecca in their free time.
Mirjam Milad · Mountainbike Verein Freiburg
Barbara Willecke · planung.freiraum
12:00 MTB Matchmaking Interactive Exchange


14:00 - 15:00 Cape Epic - A Look Behind the Scenes
Sarah Harrop, Karen Clements · Absa Cape Epic
14:00 - 15:00 IMBA – Take Care Of Your Trails
Mark Torsius, Catherine Shearer · International Mountain Bicycling Association Europe
14:00 – 14:30 Doppelmayr Biking Insights sponsored session
Stefan Schwald · Doppelmayr
16:00 - 17:00 Pinkbike: Storytelling, Community & the Power of Global MTB Tourism
Andrew Daly · Pinkbike & Trailforks
16:00 - 17:00 MTB Panel Swabian Alb
Schwäbische Alb Tourismus
16:00 - 16:30 Doppelmayr Biking Insights sponsored session
Hendrik Schütte · Doppelmayr
Last Update: 28th of April 2021; subject to change.


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