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Erasmus+ Project "RE-CYCLING"

10. August 2023
Biking as a heathy, collective and affordable outdoor activity

The overall objective of the Erasmus+ project “Re-Cycling” is to facilitate a healthy life-style among kids and families through cycling, and to promote social inclusion. This goal will be achieved through the development of a training programme regarding Do-It-Yourself repairs and re-use of bike components as well as through Re-Cycling Fairs held in the partner countries. The activities provide cross-sectoral training to raise awareness on sustainability and enable knowledge transfer in the field of circular economy between all stakeholders.

The project is being implemented over a period of two years together with partner organisations from Italy, France, Northern Macedonia and Austria.

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Priorities of the project

Inclusion & Diversity

The project will promote the participation of kids in sport, which has decreased due to the Covid-19 restrictions, thus fuelling health problems among the youngsters. Children and parents from low SES families will be the main target group as they have been impacted more by the pandemic, in terms of socio-economic negative effects. The circular economy approach (repairing and reusing bikes) will also make biking more affordable for those families who are at present experiencing financial hardship. Bike rides will also strengthen community ties against isolation.

Environment & Climate

Biking is green mobility per se. By encouraging family to use bikes as a means of transport the project will contribute to this Program priority. A specific training program on “Green & Sustainable Biking” and the Re-cycling Fairs will leverage this environmental impact.

Sport & Physical Activity

The project will encourage children to take up physical activity after a long period of sedentariness forced by the Covid-19 emergency. “Re-Cycling” will help some of them to cope with psychological diseases caused by a stressful period.


The project is a cross-sector imitative, across sport education, environment and will offer partners and target groups (children, parents, teachers) a number of learning opportunities in the field of sustainability and circular economy in the biking sector.

Target groups

Direct target groups:

  • children and families with low-SES
  • cycling teachers/trainers from schools and bike clubs/associations

Indirect target groups:

  • local stakeholders and communities
  • regional and national policy makers
  • European institutions and networks


Project Management

This work-package includes the overall Coordination & Management, Financial Management as well as Monitoring & Evaluation of the project. Up to five Steering Comitee meetings will take place.


The main output of this work-package is a blended learning programme aimed at families regarding Do-It-Yourself repairs, the re-use of bike components and green biking, including:

  • organising a transnational workshop “Circular economy in biking”
  • designing a Training Programme on “Green and sustainable biking”
  • piloting and fine-tuning of the “Green and sustainable biking” training

Re-Cycling Events

The main outputs of this work-package are the five Re-Cycling Fairs held in Italy, France, Austria, Hungary and North Macedonia, including:

  • engaging schools, families and local stakeholders
  • organising and carrying out the Re-Cycling Fairs
  • drawing up guidelines for future Re-Cycling Fairs

The dates of the Re-Cycling Events can be found on the official project page.

Impact & Communication

The main outputs of the work-package include:

  • developing a Social, Environmental and Economic Impact Tool (SEE IT) to estimate the impact of the “Green & Sustainable Biking” Training and Re-Cycling Fairs potential and evaluate transferability and potential for scaling-up
  • institutional and digital communications
  • organising communication events


  • Trans-national workshop “Circular Economy in Biking”
    on 22nd February at Milan (Italy)
  • Re-Cycling Fairs in 2023/2024 in Austria, France, Italy, North Macedonia
  • Re-Cycling Final Event in September 2024 in Brussels (Belgium)

The project is co-funded by the European Union as part of the Erasmus+ Program for Education, Youth and Sport.


Partner Organisations